Jolly People is a compact and versatile vacuum cleaner, designed to be installed everywhere. A few simple step are enough to fix the suction body. You’ll use only a light flexible hose to do the cleaning. Stop dragging your old vacuum cleaner!



Jolly is the vacuum unit which is fixed to the wall: it gives you the comfort of using a light flexible hose to do the cleaning.


Jolly is the vacuum cleaner for a real hygiene. Pollen, mites and micro-dust, vacuumed by mobile traditional vacuum cleaner, come back around in the spaces and increase allergenic symptoms.


Jolly is the wall-system

which simplifies your life:

with a few easy gestures you do all the cleaning and you get anywhere dust is.


To be installed, Jolly do not require any operation: you need a socket and a wall where drill two holes to hook the unit. Then it’s ready to work.


With a small price you have all the advantages of a real system: reliability, power and comfort of use, thanks to the light cleaning kit given.

Low consumption

Jolly People is also energy-saving: it consumes only 1000 W, around half of a mobile traditional vacuum cleaner.

Jolly People is a complete kit.

Improve the sanitary condition of the spaces where you spend your time, thanks to Jolly People vacuum cleaner. Pollen, mites and micro-dust are expelled outside through the air outlet (find out), getting definitively rid of the problem, as testify several medical studies.

Jolly People is the complete kit inclusive of the Jolly unit and the cleaning kit, with many useful accessories that allow you to vacuum your house easily.

How to install

If you install Jolly People on a perimeter fence where you have previously done a specific hole for the air discharge, buying two simple options you will able to throw out mites, pollen and micro-dust.

Optional to be purchased separately

Optional to be purchased separately

If you install Jolly People on an inner wall or if you can’t drill the perimeter fence, the vacuumed air is filtered and it can be discharged inside the room without any contraindication.

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