Jolly People

Cod: 8000.1sa


add the optionals required for external venting of mites, allergens and pollutants

Air discharge grilles

Box extension


Jolly People

8000.1SA Jolly People

Jolly People is the complete kit.
Jolly People is suitable for 60-90 square meters houses

This kit includes:

  • Jolly People
  • 9 m flexible hose equiped with pressure regolation hendle
  • Pair of chrome pipes, with accessory holder
  • Universal floor brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Pipe hanger support
  • Replacement bags (5 pz.)
Power up aspirant

If you install Jolly People on a perimeter wall, where you have made a hole for unloading outside the air, with the purchase of two easy accessories, you will be able to expel mites, pollen and micro dust from your home.

OPTIONAL sold separately

OPTIONAL sold separately

If you install Jolly People on an interior wall or you cannot pierce the perimeter wall, the sucked air is filtered and can be discharged inside the room without any contraindication.

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