Flisy 2

Wireless handle and socket connection Ø32


cod.: 7039.10W



Flisy 2 di Sistem Air
wireless handle and socket connection Ø32

.Flisy 2 is a unique product of Sistem Air that allows power on and off directly from the switch on the handle

Attention: the card refers only to the handle and coupling, does not include the tube. Check the compatibility with your plant

No batteries to replace

The Flisy receiver has been fitted with a light and thin rechargeable battery. For charging or: just any USB power supply (cable supplied with Flisy 2)

Universal use

Flisy 2 is designed to operate with any centralized vacuum cleaner system where there is a microswitch line that connects the intake sockets. So everyone can experience the benefits of Flisy 2

Resistant to impact

New internal ribs strengthen the plastics, while for the electronic components new supports for fixing the batteries make them integral with the boards on which they are mounted.


During the design, constructive solutions were adopted that allow the Flisy 2 tube to be compatible with the main intake sockets on the market.

To know if Flisy 2 is compatible with your system, check that the suction sockets have these two gold plated contacts inside the hole positioned as in the photo.


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