Kit Flisy
Standard 7m

with black brushes

Cod: 7032.7w



Kit Flisy 2 Standard 7m - Sistem Air

The kits bring together the main accessories used in household cleaning.

The kit contains:

  • Flexible hose 7m
  • Accessory basket for 10pz
  • Floor brush 30cm Basic
  • Cervice tool Basic
  • clothes brush Basic with bristles
  • Matress brush Basic
  • Dust brush with bristles Basic
  • Radiator brush Basic
  • Flisy 2 handle with wireless system to switch on by touching the ON/OFF button on the handle
  • Pair of extension chromed pipes

To know if Flisy 2 is compatible with your system, check that the vacuum inlet have these two golden contacts inside the hole positioned as in the photo.

Optional included

The world's most advanced wireless on/off

Flisy 2 is a real revolution. Switch on and off your central vacuum system directly from the handle with a simple button

Everything. In one product

Batteria ricaricabile Flisy 2

Rechargeable lithium battery

Flisy 2’s rechargeable battery eliminates the periodic replacement of exhaustedbatteries and makes the device lighter.

Simply connect the charging cable supplied with any USB power supply and you’re done!


Works at all times, even when unloading

Flisy 2 is designed to ensure the system can be started in any condition even when the battery is low.

In the case of discharged batteries, it behaves like a traditional pipe with metal connection.


Extra slim compact design

The receiver board has been miniaturisedto reduce the possibility of impact while handling the hose.

These modifications have not increased its fragility but, on the opposite, have allowed for greater robustness.

Ultralight Flisy 2


The hose is very light due to the absence of the wire.

Maximum comfort of use thanks to the handle and socket connection that rotate 360°.

Universal with all systems

Flisy 2 is so smart that it works with any brand ofcentral vacuum systems with a micro line

Alone, combined or with cleaning kit. Choose your favourite

Handle and inlet connection
Flisy 2

Flexible hose Flisy 2

Flexible hose Flisy 2

Accessories Flisy 2
Natural Basic

Kit with hose
Kit with hose

Accessories Flisy 2
Natural Smart

Kit with hose
Kit with hose

Accessories Flisy 2
Natural Deluxe

Kit with hose

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