Line Bianca conveyor cone

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Conveyor cone for Sistem Air Bianca line vacuum units.


Conveyor cone for Sistem Air Bianca line vacuum units.

Cone art. 9900.007, diameter 28 cm, compatible with:

  • SA 100

Cone art. 9900.079 compatible with:

  • SA 300
  • SA 400

Cone art. 9900.008, diameter 32 cm, compatible with:

  • SA 5
  • SA 7

The dust cone is necessary to ensure that the central vacuum unit is watertight. Without the cone, suction power is reduced by more than 40%, making suction useless.

The suctioned dust is separated from the air by the cyclone formed inside the machine body and falls into the dust collection bin.
The conveyor cone prevents it from returning to the filter and soiling its surface.

Check the diameter of your central vacuum unit.

Weight 0,5 kg

Plastic and rubber


Black Squid

Bianca line model

SA 100, SA 300, SA 400, SA 5, SA7


Sistem Air


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