Jolly people


Jolly people


jolly people is the right choice

Remove mites, allergies and pollutants from your home

Ideal for all homes

Jolly People offers the well-being of a real central vacuum system.Ideal in already  finished houses, where with one or two vacuum unit you can cover the entire surface.

All inclusive

Jolly People is the complete kit that contains the Jolly central unit and the accessories kit useful to easily vacuum any room in the house. Everything you need to make every corner of your home healthy.

Perfect design

Beautiful and discreet that fits perfectly into any home. It can be installed in any roomas long as the chosen location is protected from weather and humidity.

Hygiene is Jolly

A very light flexible hose is used. When convenience does not rule out hygiene, cleaning takes on final their role: to leave the environment clean and healthy.


Microdust: very fine particles we breathe in which mites, allergies and pollutants are hidden.
No filter on any appliance can holdit and
it goes back into the house right where you’re cleaning.
Jolly People has a vent outside the house that eliminates it, nothing will come back into circulation:
healthy clean that lasts longer.

jolly people can be installed anywhere

In small spaces or in already finished houses. Jolly People can be installed in
two different waysto respond to customer needs

Solution with external air exhaust

Guarantees the expulsion of micro-dusts

If you install Jolly People on a perimeter wall, where you will have drilled a hole for the exhaust air outside, with the purchase of two simple optional extras, you can expel mites, pollen and micro-dust from your home.

Solution with internal air exhaust

The vacuumed air is filtered and discharged into the interior

If you install Jolly People on an internal wall or you cannot perforate the perimeter wall, the vacuumed air is filtered and can be discharged inside the room itself without any contraindications.


guarantees the convenience of using only a very light hose.


Jolly, the healthy vacuum cleaner. Pollen, mites and micro-dusts are expelled outside.


Jolly is the wall hoover that makes your life easier.


Jolly does not require any installation work.


With a small price you have all the advantages of a real system.


Jolly People is also energy saving: it consumes just 1 kW.

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