Cleaning worth
a lot

If the truth lies in proverbs, this is absolutely right.

But cleaning must be also quick, easy and lasting: no effort and impeccable results. Sounds impossible?



Make a good preparation. Vacuum the surfaces before wash them. It’s healthy and it speed up your cleaning.

Use the appropriate tools

Each artist has his tools. Picking carefully the allies of your cleaning extends surfaces’ life.

Relaxing time

Do you know which is the most important moment? Enjoy the clean. Take a moment only for yourself. Remember: relaxing is a must.



In Northern countries is almost impossible to open the windows while you do the cleaning because of the cold. Despite all, their spaces are impeccable. In temperate zones, it is a pleasure to open the window and change the air, but do not forget that dust and allergens will come in. Use a central vacuum cleaner as Jolly People to eject outside any remains and breathe deeply.

Respect the environment

Detergents are essential to complete the cleaning efficaciously. Read their label carefully and chose environmentally friendly products. Besides having a low impact on the planet, they avoid remains in the spaces you live in.

Let’s do a checklist

Is it possible to do everything in 3 hours? Sure! Start tidying up and then focus on the sanitary parts. Open the windows and go on with the kitchen and the bathroom missing. Come on, most of the work is over! Now it’s time to vacuum and, in the end, to wash the floors. Easy and quick, isn’t it?

Count the calories

Do you need a good motivation to start the cleaning? Think that vacuuming for 30 minutes will make you consume 90 calories! So it’s an alternative way to keep fit and not to be overwhelmed by the boredom of dust.

Grandmother’s heart

If you need a natural alternative to the usual floor detergent, try water mixed with a handful of coarse salt and a glass of vinegar. Remember to use it only for cotto and ceramic floors!

To perfume the rooms, boil some cloves or a piece of cinnamon. Filter the liquid and put it inside of a spray bottle. You’ll have a great deodorant without any volatile harmful components.

Choose your ally

Now that you know everything, the world of cleaning has no more secrets for you! He only thing missing is the appropriate assistant…



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